We are SPEAR: Standing Patrol for Emergency Assessment & Response

An advisory unit that provides rapid assistance to relief authorities in disaster-affected areas, our goal is to reduce deaths and human suffering through improved coordination of humanitarian action.

Launched in 2005 by The Conceptium Group and its founder R. Stefan Templeton, SPEAR’s mission is to rapidly assess the ground truth and to communicate it to relief authorities and emerging coordinative bodies. We strive to resolve humanitarian bottlenecks created by lack of verifiable information, excessive reporting time, and disconnect between the main actors in the field.  Working in close collaboration with local communities, companies, government actors, and private individuals we support relief operations by collecting and disseminating crucial information in critical times.





What are we doing
in Ukraine?

SPEAR has two primary objectives in Ukraine:
1. Offering transport, safe haven and resettlement support to families fleeing the hostilities in Ukraine via a network of safehouses and local volunteers along the border of Ukraine.
2. Providing front-line medical facilities and relief authorities in Ukraine, specifically the Ministry of Health and the United Nations with specific items that have been requested by the United Nations and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine – an updated donation list is located on our website.



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